Şubat, 2019 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Pretenders, Contenders and Liars

Life is a way to the uncertainity. This is an exact fact. In this uncertain journey, we meet kinds of people of having different behaviours, and generally label them according to their behaviours. In this writing, i will try to write my understanding of three of these labels; pretenders, contenders and liars. Pretenders A pretender is a kind of people who pretends :) It does not do what it seems to do. It does what it does not seem to do. We frequently meet pretenders in our daily life. And if we catch a person pretending, then we feel that is not sincere. Okay, then here is a question sincerely to ask yourself; do you ever find yourself pretending ? Contenders A contender is a person who has a goal to reach and do not hesitate to fight for that goal. So a contender is sincere ? Absolutely yes, you may be completely opposite to a contender, but if you know that it's a contender, then you know that it's sincere in its behaviours. And sure it is, if you trus