Here is my blog Javalopment.
In Javalopment, i will write mostly in Java technologies of my interest.

And here is my blog's superior Jargon that if you read, you will probably meet them frequently.

Javaloper means Java Developer.
Javalopment means Java Development.

And as a result;
Javaloper makes javalopment :)

JRL means Java-related useful URL.

Jtudy means Java study, and is also the other domain of my blog.

Jode means Java code.

If you live in Turkey and know Star gazetesi, Fotomaç or Fanatik, then you will most probably make up such a stupid terms, may be we can use jtupid; huh :)

Let's look at the following headline:

star gazetesi komik manşetleri ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Just enjoy; oh Just is already starts with J :)



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